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Don't Drive It.. Ship It!

Your long distance move is rapidly approaching, and along with the pending date is the stress that comes along with such a large endeavor.  You’ve planned for movers to pack your house, now hire professionals to move your car.  A reputable car moving company can make this part of the moving process a cinch. 

If you’re feeling uneasy about entrusting one of your most prized possessions, as well as your primary mode of transportation to someone else, be assured that shipping your car is virtually hassle free and includes many benefits.  The first and most obvious is that you won’t be putting any miles on your own vehicle.  This could be critical if you are leasing and have an annual mileage cap.  Another huge benefit is avoiding the unnecessary wear and tear that you car may be subject to. Tire damage and engine overheating are common long haul issues that can be costly once you arrive at your destination and depreciate the car’s overall value. Don’t forget to factor in the gas. Using an auto shipper eliminates the need to pay for gas for your automobile on a cross country trek – which feels like it costs an arm and a leg these days!  Perhaps the most important reason to consider an auto shipper is your personal safety.  Driving long distances, alone or with the family, can be dangerous.  There are weather conditions to consider, unknown roads and highways, unfamiliar directions, other drivers and exhaustion.

Shipping your car during the relocation process is more convenient than you may think. Often you will simply meet the auto transport truck at an agreed upon loading place.  In most cases this is your own driveway and they take it from there.  Keep in mind that shipping times vary greatly.  Don’t assume your car will beat you and the movers.  If there are other pick-ups and drop offs, it could take a few extra days or even more than a week.  The timing should be confirmed on your quote.  Many auto shipping companies now offer GPS tracking so you can follow the status of your car while it makes the journey.  If this is important to you, be sure check with perspective moving companies to see if they offer this service.   
Insurance requirements vary by state, so make sure the company you select has full coverage in case of an unforeseen incident.  While the instance of damage is extremely rare, you should be covered and compensated should anything happen.  Always check with your personal auto insurance carrier to confirm transport coverage.  You may need a specific rider for the actual transport.

In the event that the vehicle you need to transport is a vintage or collectible, or just one that you feel needs special protection, you can upgrade your vehicle’s move to first class! Auto transport first class usually comes in the form of enclosed vehicle transportation.  This option is more expensive but may be well worth it based on your needs.  Some companies offer car covers instead of or in addition to this enclosed option, so check out all of your options when comparing companies and quotes.

Overall, professional auto transporting allows for an affordable and easy way for you to move your car over long distances.  With just a little research on your part, you can find the right price and the right car mover for you.